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Golden Girls Coffee Mug
Golden Girls Coffee Mug
Golden Girls Coffee Mug

Golden Girls Coffee Mug


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🎁☕👍 Fun Coffee Mugs Will Make You The Life of The Party 

✅ TOP QUALITY: Printed in the USA with the highest quality materials that can guarantee its long life and your constant satisfaction. 

✅ DISHWASHER & MICROWAVE SAFE: Printed with superior ceramic inks that are fired on at a temperature of up to 1200 degrees. A truly permanent imprint that will never fade or lose its glow.

 CAREFULLY PACKAGED: Each coffee mug is carefully packaged in a durable gift box; guaranteed to arrive safely.

 ATTENTION MAGNET: Boosts your popularity by 78.3%, science proves it. Every one will want to know where you got this from!

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